Return Policy


We are confident in our products’ quality and our excellent service. We are flexible, and we are fair. But we know things could go wrong for various reasons, you can contact us at: [email protected] if you have any enquiries with your order.

Below is our Return Policy for your information:



If you change your mind after placing your order, & your order has been fulfilled, then return postage is at your own cost. You will have 14 days to make your return after receiving your order. Refund will be done once the product has been inspected by our technical team. We expect products to be returned to be:

  • As new as you receive. No works done, no marks, no chips on anywhere of guitar body, guitar neck as well as hardware parts.
  • If we find that the product has been used, worked, assembled, modified, then a full refund will not be granted. You will be in contact for any further enquiries.



If you think that you have received your order with some issues, please write to us with images, and please provide as much details as possible. Once we receive your email our team will get back to you with solutions. Below are some examples:

  1. There is no issue:

If your suspect was in fact not an issue, and it was just a misunderstanding, then our technical team can guide you to overcome it.


    • The guitar scale length is not correctly measured and as results you think that there is an issue with the pre-drill of the bridge.
    • The neck cannot be inserted easily into the neck pocket etc.
  1. Some mistakes have been made during the process of painting or assembling the guitar, we will assist you as much as possible to solve the issue
  2. Defects or Missing parts: once the issue has been identified and confirmed (through pictures, etc.) we will dispatch replacement parts for free. If we think that the parts need to be sent back to us, we will provide a return label to you for free as well.
  3. Wood quality: as this is quite subjective this will be dealt with based on case-by-case basic. Still below some examples of how we will proceed. Please note that this is applied only if the wood has been untouched, no paint, no finished, no modified, etc. You might not be eligible for any refund if you have already modified the product:
    • Defect or wood damaged during the delivery: if you think there were issues with timber wood on our guitar body, guitar neck – please let us know as soon as you can. Then if the issue can be easily fixed we will assist you to overcome the issue. If we see that the issue is unfixable, then a free return is on us and we will provide a full refund.
    • Tiny dents or spot glue stain on maple veneer, flame veneer; open pores on jatoba fretboard, nut unglued, small crack on neck fretboard (due to humidity): these are considered as natural common and can be easily fixed and we will be happy to assist you. We will not cover full return & refund on this request. You will need to pay the return postage. The refund amount will be confirmed once we receive and check your order.
  4. In case that you have started working on your guitar kit, but you do not wish to carry on and you would like to return it back to us. We hold the right to refuse a full refund, and request you to keep the parcel. A partial refund is possible if we see that the product is eligible for offering to other customers in our Non-Standard category.

Above issues are a guidance for your information. In any other particular case, we will treat your request as case-by-case basic in a fair manner. Please rest assured, we will assist you as much as we can in the use of our products.



    When receiving the parcel, please make sure that you sign on Delivery Note/ Proof of Delivery

    Something does not look right?? If you are not happy with the parcel because it is damaged or it does not look right, please refuse to receive the parcel, and make a note of your refusal on the Delivery Note. Also, take a photo of the parcel and contact us on [email protected], so that we have all evidence to support a claim request with our transporter. Please note that this will take 7-10 working days to wait for the result of each claim.



  • For UK-based customers, return address is in the UK
  • For other EU countries, the return address is in France
  • For UK (non-mainland), North American area (US & Canada) & South America, Australia, & other non-EU countries (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland etc): Return Shipment at your own cost & Shipping Charges (paid when you made the order) is not refunded. Return address is in France.

 Thank you & Happy building!