1. BODY AND NECK FINISH – Mahogany, guitar kit ES335

    METHODE UTILISEE : Pour obtenir cette finition sur le corps et le manche de la guitare en kit ES335, corps et manche en acajou, ces produits ont été utilisés en prenant soin de préalablement poncer le manche :

    • un bouche-pore acajou
    • une bombe nitrocellulose aérosol noir,
    • une teinture de couleur jaune,
    • un vernis brillant a base d’eau  (1L)
    • une bombe aérosol rechargeable et une recharge

    Pour le corps, je mélange le bouche-pore avec de la teinture jaune et je l’applique sur tout le corps: 2 couche avec léger ponçage entre les couches. Puis je ponce de nouveau et applique la teinture jaune – 2 couches. Je passe ensuite un vernis brillant - 3 couches de vernis (avec ponçage P1000 avant et entre les couches)
    Pour le manche je passe du bouche-pore sur l’arrière et la tète du manche - 2 couches (avec ponçage entre couche). Puis peint la tête en noir, 2 couches. Finalement je passe du vernis Br

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  2. GUITAR NECK FINISHING - maple, bass kit StingRay

    METHOD USED : To achieve this finish on the MusicMan StingRay bass neck kit, these products were used in taking care to sand the handle beforehand:

    • a natural water-based filler,
    • a honey-colored liquid tincture,
    • Brilliant water-based varnish (approximately 500mL is required).

    The filler was mixed with the dye and applied to the back and head of the guitar neck: 2 coats. Then a new coat of stain was applied to adjust the shade of the handle as desired. Finally, a water-based varnish was applied with a brush with light sanding between coats. 6 coats of varnish have been applied.

    EXPERT COMMENT : Quite usual technique, very well done on this neck of our StingRay kit guitar. Note that on maple filler is not necessarily necessary since the pores are very tight and you can just apply

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  3. BODY AND NECK FINISH – Ash with quilted top, guitar kit Dinky

    METHOD USED : To achieve this finish on the body and neck of the Jackson Dinky kit guitar, these products were used, taking care to sand the handle beforehand:

    • a liquid dye of Black color,
    • a liquid tincture of Blue color,
    • two Brilliant water-based varnishes (2L for a robust finish),
    • a refillable aerosol can and a refill

    The color Black was first applied all over the body, and on the back and head of the shaft - 2 coats. The body top and head of the neck have been polished to make the grain visible and then be able to pass the blue dye on the body top of the guitar and the head of the neck. Finally the gloss varnish was applied, first 4 coats with a brush with light sanding between coats and finally 3 coats using the refillable spray. That is a total of 7 coats of varnish.


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