Ecology is a very important matter nowadays, and it can be a source of anxiety. Will the world as we know change significantly by losing its balance and its beauty?

The Guitar Fabric is aware of the CO2 foot print due to the production and transportation of our various products: DiY guitars, Bass guitar kits, guitar paint and finishing, luthier tonewood and materials, etc.. From the supply of the wood to making our guitar kits, to the delivery to our customers; all together induce an effect on global warming:

• Making DiY guitar kit needs wood and different type of wood for which we have different suppliers in Africa, America, Canada and other countries. Although we have a good control of our suppliers, wood sourcing still participates to the deforestation. On top of that, it has an impact related on CO2 due to its transportation to the Europe.
• Most of our products are made in Europe - England, Spain and France – but we also work with various suppliers in Asia and around the world, in particular for the guitar parts such as guitar pick-up, tunning machine, etc.
• Finally shipment to customers adds CO2 footprint to our planet.

Therefore, since several years, we are committed to replanting trees, reducing The Guitar Fabric CO2 footprint impact and improving our sustainability.

The Guitar Fabric has selected an ecologic partner, Reforest’action. With them, The Guitar Fabric plant trees each month allowing CO2 foot print reduction. Our action on this matter will increase over the coming months and years: long term sustainability is one of our top priorities.

The Guitar Fabric makes sure that when you order, your CO2 footprint is minimal and that we take action on our customers' behalf to protect the earth in the long term.

Gitarrenbausatz Ökologie
Guitar kit easy to build


Making a guitar using one of our guitar kits is in fact quite easy. Using our products, you will be surprised by guitar kits' design, and how good your guitar's sound is. Below are few steps to get a fully playable guitar from our DiY guitar kits:

1. First things is to define your project: What guitar's shape you want? What kind of finish you would like to achieve: Natural, Metallic, Sunburst? How much time are you ready to invest in this project? To answer those questions you can look to our various guitar kits available. All our DiY guitars to build yourself have a level of difficulty indicated. For example, you should go for a beginner guitar kitif you don't want to invest too much time or if you're not confident and you should avoid advanced level If you have never build a guitar kit. To paint and finish guitar kit, you can visit the Guitar Paint Set category. Finally, you can always contact our expert to make sure that you buy the right products for your guitar project.

2. Once guitar kit and paint kit received, first thing to do is to check that everything looks right, and do a guitar assembly test. This is very useful as you will understand better the assembly process and that will help you make a plan for your guitar build: painting, assembly and guitar tuning.

3. Start to paint your guitar body and neck: Our painting set for guitar will come with a user guide. If not, contact us and we will send you one to you. If you purchase a wood sample along with your guitar kit, then use it to test and validate your finishing steps.

4. Now assemble all the parts provided with your guitar kit. It is quite straightforward, in particular our solderless wiring makes the electronic installation of the pick-up, pots, switch and jack socket very easy.

5. Finally the last step is the tuning. Follow the user guide to understand the various lever and adjust string action and intonation.

Congratulations! You have now your own and unique beautiful guitar in your hand. If you' re happy with the results please send us some pictures so that we can share it to our customers.


send us your guitar kit paint and finish and we'll publish them in our blog and social media


The Guitar Fabric is specialized in Do it Yourself Guitar kit. We provide high end electric guitar kit and bass guitar kit of various type: Strat, Tele, LP, Rickenbacker, SG, ES, Jag, Dobro and more. You can use our guitar kit custom category to select your guitar body, hardware and neck fretboard. If you are left handy, then you can select a left handed guitar kit. Also we provide several guitar kit which we have already paint in awesome way so that you just have to assemble and play. We also propose everything you need to make your unique design. In particular our guitar paint kit provide everything you need to make the finishing step easy for you and make sure you get the design that you are looking for. Various finish is available: Polyurethane, Nitrocellulose, Waterbase and Tru-oil. For the color you can use color lacquer spray, lacquer can or dye. Finally we also provide very useful material that you will need to build your guitar: copper tape to avoid Electro-Magnetic-Interference, sanding paper set, sample wood and more. If you purchase it along with a guitar kit you will get a best price you will find only in The Guitar Fabric. We do hope you will enjoy to create your unique guitar with us and we are available to help you to make it right!