Hot Deals: Big Discount with limited stock!

In this category you will find various products, for a limited time, with big promotion such as guitar kit, hardware, paint guitar kit, neck, guitar body, etc. Products in this category includes:

- Clearance: includes all Standard brand-new high-quality products that we decide to provide a discount due to Stock Clearance

- Non-standard products which might have a slight scratch, or been used for photography/ showroom, a missing part, model that we don’t produce anymore, etc.

Note that any default or difference with a standard product will be highlighted through pictures or description so that you really know what you are buying. Also, 30-day-return still applies as per our standard return conditions.

All the products sold here are fully usable, functional and are ideal if you are looking for a guitar building project with a reasonable price.

These big promotions are limited stock and sell fast!

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  1. was £53.60 Special Price £34.00
    Varnish Lacquer Waterbase Matt 5L
  2. was £59.00 Special Price £39.00
    Sealer Nitrocellulose, Clear 5L
  3. was £62.50 Special Price £39.00
    Sealer Polyurethane, Clear 5L
  4. was £199.00 Special Price £149.00
    Electric Guitar - Rickenbacker Style
  5. was £239.00 Special Price £189.00
    Paint Guitar Kit - Strat
  6. was £249.00 Special Price £179.00
    Electric Guitar - PRS Style
  7. was £209.00 Special Price £149.00
    Bass Guitar - SR5 Style
  8. was £35.00 Special Price £24.00
    Guitar Hardware - SG Junior P-90
  9. was £79.00 Special Price £59.00
    Guitar Body - Tele 1 Bloc Mahogany
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32 items

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