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This guitar tool is for guitar tunning and guitar repair to adjust nut slot. When tunning your guitar you might want to adjust your string action. To do this you have several lever such as truss rod adjustment, bridge height and finally adjut the bone nut height or the nut slotting.

The guitar nut files provided from The Guitar Fabric can be used for electric guitar tunning by adjusting the depth of each nut slot. Our nut files contain 13 files with different diameter developed to tune guitar nut or for tunning other string instrument such as ukulele.

Note that these nut files are made of metal and some are thin. It is perfect for nut slot tunning, guitar repair or for adjustment related to our guitar kit. It permit to have a better control of your guitar action. It works in particular very well on bone nut, ceramic nut or plastic guitar nut. However if you are making your guitar nut from scratch or your nut is made with other materials you might want to consider nut files with a handle.


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Our nut files for guitar tunning and guitar repair is perfect to adjust the slot height of your nut and therefore tune your guitar string action.

It is very suitable during guitar building and guitar set up to adjust your string action. String action - the height between your fret and your string - has a big impact on guitar playability. As a simple rule the more you have a Low action Guitar the easier it is to change rapidly of chords and increase playability. However fret buzz can happened more frequently which is why The Guitar Fabric propose several guitar tunning tool to optimize your guitar action. During guitar set up you have to adjust string action. There is several lever for that:

  • truss rod adjustment which allow to bend your guitar fretboard
  • Bridge height which, for some bridge allow you to control the height of each string
  • Fret leveling or fret heigth more complicated is also a way to control string action and definitely fret buzz issue that can occur during string action guitar tunning
  • And finally nut slotting which is a very important parameter as it allow you to control the string action of each string accurately. This guitar tool, nut files, is to address this.

Our guitar nut files contains 13 blade with which you can based on your string diameter select the right for nutt slotting. This way you can easily re-adjust each slot of your nut to get an optimal 

Please for the other lever check our other tools such as our fret leveling beam, string action gauge, fret rocker, guitar notched straight edge or the fret crowning file set.


Remind that all our luthier tools products have been checked and adapted by The Guitar Kit Fabric expert and provide strong accuracy and durability. They are perfectly suited to build professional high quality guitar from our guitar kit or to build or repair electric guitar in general.

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