Waterbased Finish Kit, Natural and Dye

The Water Based Guitar Finishing Kit is ideal for beginners and for those who want a thrifty finish. For the guitar factory, this is our prediction finish since it offers original results that are difficult to find in stores, it can be an experience, is not too expensive and finally ecological. This guitar paint kit is very well suited with our kit guitars which features noble woods with a beautiful grain and reveal the beauty of the wood. It is also ideal for our kit guitars using a flame, dapple or cot top such as our LP, PRS, Firebird, ES335, Hofner, etc. what you would need but it is recommended to supplement with a pore sealer or a primer and can be another stain and polish. More information is provided below and examples are prescribed on our blog to help you choose products.

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Waterbased Finish Kit, Natural and Dye
Waterbased Finish Kit, Natural and Dye

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    Here are the steps for a natural or tinted finish that will help you select the products you need. 1. Pore filler: The pore filler will allow you to block the pores and therefore use less paint and varnish and obtain a smooth and clean finish. On the other hand it can also be used to stain your wood such as fondur black. You can also dye your filler with a dye to get closer to the shade you are looking for. For a transparent finish, the pore filler based on powdered pumice and clearly indicates.

    2. Colorant: 2 colorants are often used, in particular for the dappled or coti flame table to increase the contrast of the grain of the guitar. Indeed we often first pass a black dye, generally 2 coats that we sand. Then we apply a dye of the color of your choice: blue green, etc. It will then have more or less clear areas corresponding to the grain of the wood. Many examples use this technique on our blog.

    3. Primer: It is advisable to use primer to seal the wood and leave on a good base for varnishing. Ideally you would prefer to use sealer and primer but in practice using either is acceptable. To apply the sealer, it is strongly recommended to use a paint gun. If you do not have one you can also use our refillable aerosol cans.

    4. Varnish: this step is the most important, you can potentially opt for a natural finish using only the latter. However, the guitar factory will add at least one pore filler for a slightly cleaner finish. To apply the varnish using the brush remains acceptable even if spraying it with a paint gun or our using our refillable aerosol cans will give a better solution. To save a possibility and to pass the first coats with a brush and the last coats with a spray gun.

    5. Polishing: this involves polishing by sanding with an increasingly fine grain then polishing with products developed for this purpose. This very last step is not necessarily mandatory but will add a real shine to your finish.

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