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The Guitar Fabric half round wood file is a luthier tools developed for woodworking and woodshaping. It is in particular very suitable for guitar building and can be useful for design adjsutment or guitar tuning related to our guitar kit. In particular half round wood files are ideal for rounding around holes. Also used on concave, convex and flat surfaces.

Our wood files can be used to build guitar kit and make further adjustment in terms of design or in terms of tuning accuracy. For instance it can be used to reshape the guitar neck headstock, to improve neck integration by filing neck pocket or neck heel, reshaping a cavity to fit your own hardware or slighlty reshape the body (like create a black widow from a SG guitar kit). It is a tool needed for further guitar creativity.

Wood files are used is a good trade-off betwen wood shaping accuracy and rapidity. However, for more accuarcy or smoothness use sandpaper instead. For faster wood material removal used instead the wood rasp file. Our hig quality wood hand files are made of high carbon steel with a woodden hand to make sure you have a good grasp.

It is a high quality product perfect for any woodworking and are very suitable if you want to reach the next step of guitar building using our guitar kit.


* developed and tested by The Guitar Fabric experts. All our products are VAT included.

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Half rounded wood file is part of our luthier tools product and is very useful for any woodworking activities. Using such woodworking tool is the logical next step in the luthier activity to build guitar. It will allow you to adjust shape and tune further your guitar kit. With such guitar building tools you can design the headstock or reshape slightly your guitar body. You can adjust further the neck pocket or neck heel to have a better control of your string action. You can adjust the wood cavities to fit your own hardware.

The Guitar Fabric wood files are perfect to reshape wood material efficiently and keep accuracy and smoothness. The Guitar Fabric provides 4 products related to wood shaping with more or less accuracy and smoothness. For any woodwork select the woodshaping tool wisely:

  • Our Carbid burr is a drill bit with different shape and are very good for rapid and accurate woodworking. However its specific shape are really to focus on a tiny bit of wood. It is good when you want to create a specific shape rapidly and accurately.
  • Our flat shape Rasp is to file rapidly an important wood surface but lack of accuracy and wont provide smooth results
  • Files with different shape - such as this half rounded file - allow to remove wood surface accurately and smoothly. In particular the various shape allow you to perform different adjustment
  • Finally for very precise and small adjustment and perfect smoothness The Guitar Fabric provide a sanding paper set. This is a must have for any guitar builder. It will be used in many of the guitar building steps.



  • T12 High quality carbon steel
  • File shape: half rounded shape with teeth on each side
  • Blade length: 150mm (5.90")
  • Blade thickness: 4mm (0.16")
  • Wood handle with length of 95mm (3.75") 



  • Clean the antirust oil before you use the file. The file is made of high carbon steel and has high hardness. It is therefore easy to brake: do not try to use it as a crowbar. Tuck your files to remove the debris,
  • The files should not be with oter luhtier tools. Each files needs its own package or location,
  • Keep the file away from water, oil or other dirties,
  • Use wire brush - such as he one we sold - to clean the cuts following the filing profile. Do i frequently to keep the efficiency of your luthier tool,
  • Using the file with not too fast movement otherwise it might frayed,
  • Use on side of the wood file, once it becomes blunt, use the other side.


Remind that all our luthier tools products have been checked and adapted by The Guitar Kit Fabric expert and provide strong accuracy and durability. They are perfectly suited to build professional high quality guitar from our guitar kit or to build or repair electric guitar in general.

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