Guitar Repair, Fret Crowning File


Our Fret Crowning File is the ultimate tool for achieving beautifully crowned and polished frets, ensuring a smooth and responsive playing experience. Elevate your guitar's performance and fretwork with this essential addition to your toolkit. From restoring vintage guitars to fine-tuning your favorite instrument, this tool is the key to fretwork precision for your guitar build!

The set includes:

  • One fret polishing knife with four different available sides and sizes: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm.
  • Two individual metal fret covers to cover and protect the surrounding area of the frets during work.
  • Two grit sandpaper bars (180 grit in orange, 320 grit in green).

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Guitar Repair Fret Crowning File – Your Key to Exceptional Fretwork!

Professional Fret Crowning: Our specialized file is designed for precision fret crowning, allowing you to reshape and refine the tops of your frets with expert-level accuracy.

Easy to Use: The ergonomic design of the file handle ensures comfortable grip and control, making fret crowning a straightforward process for both beginners and experienced luthiers.

Universal Compatibility: Suitable for various fret sizes and materials, this file is compatible with most fretboards, ensuring it meets the needs of your entire guitar collection.

Gentle on Your Guitar: The file's careful design minimizes the risk of damaging your fretboard or guitar's finish, preserving the instrument's aesthetic appeal.

Improved Sound Quality: Well-crowned frets ensure accurate intonation and sustain, contributing to a richer and more vibrant guitar tone.

A Must-Have for Luthiers: Whether you're a professional luthier or a DIY enthusiast, our Fret Crowning File is an indispensable tool for maintaining, repairing, or customizing your guitars.

Complete Fretwork Solution: Pair it with our other guitar repair tools for a comprehensive fretwork kit that covers everything from leveling and crowning to polishing and setup adjustments.

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