Guitar Kit Ready to Paint, Dean Razorback


The Guitar Kit Fabric proposes a Dean Razorback guitar kit ready to be paint. The guitar kit has been already treated. The body has been sanded to P400, sealed with filler and a coat of white urethane primer has been applied. The neck has been sanded and varnished and are ready to be used as it is

The remaining steps to have a fully playable guitar using this ready to paint guitar kit is to:

  • Finish the body by painting it with the color of your choice and/or varnish it. Note that our white primer applied is compatible with all our paint and varnish products: Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Water base and tru oil. However note that it hasnt been tested with other type of paint and varnish
  • Keep the neck as it is or you re-paint it by sanding slightly, adding a color and varnish it. Compared to our conventional products the neck will be ready to receive any paint efficiently
  • Then just assemble and adjust as usual to get your full playable guitar 
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Dean Razorback style, Carved and solid Mahogany Wood, Bolt-On Joint

Scale length match: 647mm (25.5")
Neck Pocket Dimension (LxWxH): 65x55.5x15mm (2.56"x2.20"x0.7")
Guitar Body Height (H): 40mm (1.57")
Cavity/Routing made: Pick-up, Bridge, Neck, Wiring routing, cover plates and switch. No pre-drilled pilots holes except for the neck pocket.
Paint: Sanded to P400, Sealed and White Primer applied. Ready to receive our polyurethane, nitrocellulose, waterbase or tru oil products.
Right Handed Body

Dean Razorback headstock style, Canadian Maple Wood with Ebony Fretboard, 22 frets, Black dot inlay with details, Metal black nut (42mm), Bolt-on Joint

Scale length: 647mm (25.5")
Neck Radius: 305mm (12")
Truss Rod: double action, on the head side
Heel Dimension (LxWxH): 90x55.5x20mm (3.54"x2.20"x0.79")
* heel height doesn’t include the fingerboard. Add ~6mm to include fingerboard
Paint: Sanded and Varnished. Ready to be used as it is.
Right Handed Neck

Dean Razorback compatible, Black set

Bridge: Double locking tremolo - Floyd Rose, Black
Pick-up: 2 Humbucker pickups, Black (H-H Configuration)
Switch: 3-way toggle switch, Chrome with black tip
Machine Head: 3R3L, Black
Knobs: 1 volume & 2 tones
Neck Joint Plate: Black
Strap Button: Black
Covers: Back Cover tremolo, Back Cover knobs and Cache for switch, Black
Right Handed Hardware

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