Guitars (on-order)

For on-order guitars, delivery will takes from 4 to 6 weeks. This is due to the fact that once we get your order, our Luthier will start to build your guitar the way you want it.

From our high end quality electric kit guitars, the luthier Phoenix Harvey in association with the creates inspiring guitars. Harvey, luthier with 25 years of experience, provide better quality guitars compared to mass production manufactured guitars ones.

Harvey perfects the guitar set-up and adjusts the pick-ups to produce faultless, expected sonority and great playability. We not only consist on quality in every small detail and finish but also focus on style & design. With the artistic talent and his professional experience, our guitars will exceed your expectation.

... and of course Harvey can create on-order customs Guitar the way you want it! The luthier Phoenix Harvey can on demand create the guitar you desire. Discuss and define to our luthier how you want your guitar to be. Let's have your own touch on your guitar or even offer this very personal gift to your beloved, with your own signature, by Sending us sketch, pictures or technical specifications so that we can provide you a quote.

*Price includes VAT & Free delivery in UK.